SEO & Statistics

SEO & Statistics

Code With Us Technology maximizes your online store optimization as a top priority. We ensure that the target audience will not be ignored by your online store when making a purchase on the search site. We use SEO techniques in every aspect of you

E-commerce platform. It includes coding and text to ensure that customers are brought directly to your online store. Our goal is to increase your conversion rate by maximizing the number of visitors to your online store.

Why do you need E-commerce SEO?

If you want your online store to take precedence over other websites, search engine optimization is essential.

Code With Us Technology pays special attention to using keywords wherever possible to optimize your store. When your target audience finds your e-commerce platform while searching for related products and services, your e-commerce adventure will surely be welcomed.

In the highly competitive online e-commerce market, Code With Us Technology can help you stay competitive and stay ahead through the best SEO implementation. We also enable you to track visitor statistics for your online store so that you can use this data to evaluate your success rate and conversion rate and discover more ways to increase online store traffic.

Search Results
Include "Ad" designation and have ad extension
Appear as organic results and have featured snippets
Pay each time user clicks
Pay nothing
Shown to select targeted audience
Shows to anyone
Are immediate
Good for testing
Provide value over time
Click-through rate

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