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E-commerce Development

After the design is completed, e-commerce development is the next stage of building an influential online store.

The e-commerce platform should be a combination of excellent design and functions. Code With Us Technology can skillfully adopt our e-commerce design and effectively transform it into a functioning online store.

Our e-commerce development phase includes the use of the latest programming methods to create a fully functional online store for your benefit. From foods to Apparels– we help you effectively sell all products and services online.”

Why do we need e-commerce development?

Customers will decide whether to seriously consider your e-commerce platform for transactions based on availability and user-friendliness.

Code With Us Technology is committed to developing an online store to ensure that customers have a pleasant experience every time they visit your online store.

Online visitors will definitely leave immediately after visiting an online store with poor performance and poor interface, but we are here to prevent this from happening. Code With Us Technology guarantees success and promotes sales through an online store, which can run on all devices due to its flawless program. We believe that the development of e-commerce is a key factor in determining the success or failure of an enterprise, so we pay special attention to the development of the latest dynamic e-commerce solutions.”

Useful and easy to use

We focus on the user experience of the online store to promote your sales, and our system will also handle all payments, logistics and orders. Our online store uses adaptive technology to fit all devices. Including mobile phones, tablets and desktops

Connect with Facebook Shop

Auto upload all products to Facebook Shop, promote all your product on Facebook Marketplace and your Fanpage


Whatsapp Notification

After your customer finish an order, the system can send an order-detail message to the customer by Whatsapp

Worldwide market support

Support all the currencies and main Payment gateway help your brand to break into the international market

Shipping API

Connect the shipping service provider ‘s API, to auto pack and ship the product to the customer’s address

Different bussiness model

Even your business model is unique, our online shop will always be adaptive to it

Multi-Payment Gateway

Support all the payment Gateway, and can be used at once (included: Wechat Pay, Paypal, Stripe, Alipay, FPS, Bank Transfer, and a lot more…)

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