Interactive. Experience Design

Code With Us Technology is committed to providing professional and customer-centric services. We will carefully analyze the needs of each customer and conduct a comprehensive analysis to provide our customers with brand features and innovative online solutions.

We provide web design, online store, programming, online system and website optimization services to help the company realize complete electronicization and catch up with the ever-changing era of electronic marketing from network construction to network marketing. We pay more attention to brand and design. In online promotion, every detail tailored can help you gradually improve brand sales and operational efficiency.”

Our Team

Code With Us Technology was founded by a group of professional entrepreneurs, some of whom are award-winning designers, start-up company founders and famous association members (founders of Service Design Network Hong Kong Branch).We also provide consulting services for Hong Kong start-ups.

Core value

Establishing long-term cooperative relations, good communication and pragmatic/detailed execution have always been the corporate philosophy of Code With Us Technology. We pay attention to detail and quality. You can visit our exhibition and check every clever webpage/program, because we know that every detail is consistent with the long-term. The basis of the relationship between length and width.

Web Design

App development






Efficient development, strong support

We plan and improve the website in the shortest time and provide after-sales support for up to 1 year. *No hidden fees

Not only complete, but also perfect.
Making a webpage is more than just a project. For us, this is a kind of handicraft. Each of our projects will be followed up by the project manager to carefully check and monitor the progress and quality. To complete the project before the release, please complete every detail.

And we are very focused on branding and design, our professional design will be based on your brand positioning, tailor-made web design, web user experience is the core of our design.

Project Developoment Process

Step 1: Conference call or customer negotiation

In addition to your phone, Whatsapp and email, maybe we can arrange for you to have a discussion.

Step 2: Start the development plan

We will understand the needs of customers and provide professional advice on multi-angle professional analysis, final recommendations and development progress.

Step 3: Diversified payment

After receiving bank transfers, checks, cash and online credit card payments, the development plan begins immediately.

Step 4: Design a draft web page

Professional web designers will begin to create web drafts based on brand positioning.

Step 5: Function development

Your full-time development team will focus on the development work, and the project manager will monitor the progress and quality.

Step 6: User Acceptance Test (UAT)

During the user acceptance test, users are free to test the system and functions, and can tell us at any time whether there are any repair procedures.

Step 7: Soft start

Perform final testing before the official release to make sure everything is ready.

Step 8: Official start

After the webpage is officially released, our system will always monitor webpage traffic to keep the webpage stable.

Start to own your customized website/software